Welcome to the Votr system. Here are some different choices depending upon your role as a user of the system and what you want to do.

I want to vote

You should have been given a personal and anonymous code from the host of the event (i.e. yevysauj). Login with that code here.

I want to administer my event

When you ordered your event you should have received a code that you can use to administer the event (if this is not your first visit you may have replaced that code with your own).

There are three different pages you can visit below. They all use the same code.

I want to create an event

You order a Votr event by contacting Luqon IT Solutions AB.

What is Votr?

Votr is a simple and cheap system to enable various types of votings in connection to events such as meetings of private parties. It has been created using the principle that is should be so simple and cheap that anyone can use it.

Everything is based on that the voters vote using their smartphones. No apps or similar are needed. The voter simply has to visit this page and enter the personal code that they have received from the host of the event. It is of course equally valid to vote using a computer or a pad instead of a smartphone, and there are no restrictions on how many persons can use the same device to vote. All they need to do is to take turns logging in with their respective personal codes.

Through random distribution of the codes complete anonymity is guaranteed. Neither the host of the event nor the company behind the system can find out who has voted for what. You are the only one who knows your personal code.

The system is developed and maintained by Luqon IT Solutions AB.